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A Guide to Top Entrepreneurship Research in Nigerian Unis

Last Updated on November 26, 2023


Importance of Entrepreneurship Research in Nigerian Universities

Entrepreneurship research in Nigerian universities is pivotal.

It fuels innovation, fosters economic growth, and empowers communities.

With a robust focus on this research, Nigeria can harness its entrepreneurial potential, addressing societal challenges and driving sustainable development.

Purpose of the Blog Post

This blog post aims to spotlight the significance of entrepreneurship research within Nigerian universities.

By exploring key facets, it intends to illuminate the impact of such research on economic progress, societal transformation, and the nurturing of future entrepreneurial leaders.

Overview of Entrepreneurship Research in Nigerian Universities

In this section, we will explore the current state of entrepreneurship research in Nigeria, the role of universities in promoting such research, and the importance of academic research for entrepreneurial advancement in the country.

Current State of Entrepreneurship Research in Nigeria

The field of entrepreneurship research in Nigeria has witnessed significant growth in recent years.

Several universities across the country have established dedicated research centers and departments focusing on entrepreneurship.

These research centers aim to provide a platform for scholars, students, and industry experts to collaborate and conduct innovative research in the field.

They conduct studies on various aspects of entrepreneurship, including the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, the impact of government policies, and the role of technology in fostering entrepreneurial growth.

Furthermore, these centers regularly organize conferences, seminars, and workshops to disseminate research findings and promote discussions among stakeholders.

This not only contributes to knowledge expansion but also encourages networking and collaboration among researchers and entrepreneurs.

Role of Universities in Promoting Entrepreneurship Research

Nigerian universities play a crucial role in promoting entrepreneurship research in the country.

They serve as a hub for knowledge creation, dissemination, and transfer, thereby fostering the development of entrepreneurship as an academic discipline.

Universities provide researchers with access to resources, such as libraries, data repositories, and research grants, which are essential for conducting rigorous and impactful research.

They also offer opportunities for researchers to collaborate with industry professionals, government bodies, and international partners, thereby enhancing the relevance and practicality of their research.

Moreover, universities contribute to the development of entrepreneurial ecosystems by nurturing student-led startups, organizing business plan competitions, and offering entrepreneurship courses and programs.

These initiatives not only equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge but also serve as incubators for innovative business ideas.

Importance of Academic Research for Entrepreneurial Advancement in Nigeria

Academic research plays a vital role in the advancement of entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

It provides evidence-based insights that inform policymaking, business strategy development, and the design of entrepreneurship support programs.

Through academic research, scholars identify the key drivers of entrepreneurial success, assess the impact of government regulations, and explore innovative business models.

These findings help policymakers create an enabling environment for entrepreneurs, guide entrepreneurs in making informed decisions, and inspire aspiring entrepreneurs by showcasing successful case studies.

Furthermore, academic research generates knowledge that contributes to the creation of sustainable and socially responsible businesses.

It explores how entrepreneurship can address societal challenges, promote economic growth, and create employment opportunities.

This research is instrumental in shaping the mindsets and behaviors of entrepreneurs towards creating businesses that have a positive impact on society.

In essence, entrepreneurship research in Nigerian universities is thriving, thanks to the establishment of dedicated research centers and the active involvement of universities.

Such research not only expands the knowledge base in the field but also contributes to the growth of entrepreneurship in the country.

Through academic research, Nigeria can foster a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, drive economic development, and address societal challenges.

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Top universities for entrepreneurship research in Nigeria

Lagos Business School (LBS)

  • LBS has a strong focus on entrepreneurship research, providing valuable insights and knowledge.

  • The faculty at LBS comprises renowned experts in the field of entrepreneurship, who contribute to cutting-edge research.

  • LBS collaborates with various research centers and organizations to conduct impactful research projects.

Pan-Atlantic University

  • Pan-Atlantic University excels in entrepreneurship research, offering innovative perspectives and practical solutions.

  • The faculty at Pan-Atlantic University consists of distinguished researchers and industry professionals.

  • Pan-Atlantic University actively engages in research collaborations with both national and international institutions.

University of Lagos (UNILAG)

  • UNILAG has established a strong reputation in entrepreneurship research, contributing to the growth of the field.

  • The faculty at UNILAG includes esteemed scholars who actively contribute to the entrepreneurship research landscape.

  • UNILAG engages in partnerships and collaborations with research centers, fostering a dynamic research environment.

These universities in Nigeria have demonstrated exceptional strengths in entrepreneurship research.

They attract top faculty, carry out influential research projects, and foster collaborations that push the boundaries of knowledge in the field.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and researchers can benefit greatly from the insights and opportunities provided by these institutions.

Whether it’s understanding market trends, exploring innovative business models, or developing strategies for sustainable growth, these universities play a pivotal role in shaping the entrepreneurial landscape in Nigeria.

Students and researchers seeking to contribute to the field of entrepreneurship should consider these universities as their preferred choice for higher education and research opportunities.

By leveraging the resources and expertise available at these institutions, aspiring entrepreneurs can gain valuable knowledge and skills to embark on successful entrepreneurial journeys in Nigeria and beyond.

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Emerging trends in entrepreneurship research in Nigerian universities

These emerging trends in entrepreneurship research in Nigerian universities demonstrate a shift towards more collaborative and interdisciplinary approaches.

Researchers are exploring new dimensions of entrepreneurship, addressing pressing societal issues, and forging international partnerships to expand the impact of their work.

Current focus areas of research

The focus areas of research have expanded beyond traditional entrepreneurship topics, demonstrating a growing awareness of the importance of social entrepreneurship, technological innovation, and gender equality in fostering economic growth and development in Nigeria.

Through studying these areas, researchers aim to provide practical insights for policymakers and entrepreneurs.

Interdisciplinary collaborations and research breakthroughs

Interdisciplinary collaborations have led to significant breakthroughs in the understanding of entrepreneurship.

By integrating knowledge from different fields, researchers can uncover novel approaches and solutions to entrepreneurial challenges.

The integration of psychology, engineering, computer science, and social sciences brings new perspectives and methodologies to entrepreneurship research, enabling a deeper understanding of the complex dynamics at play.

International collaborations and global impact

International collaborations have also become increasingly important in Nigerian entrepreneurship research.

By partnering with international institutions, researchers can access a broader range of resources and expertise, enrich their research with diverse perspectives, and enhance the global impact of their findings.

Collaboration with other African countries promotes regional cooperation and knowledge sharing, allowing for a more comprehensive understanding of entrepreneurship in Africa.

In fact, Nigerian universities are experiencing emerging trends in entrepreneurship research.

These trends include a focus on social entrepreneurship, technological innovation, and gender equality.

Interdisciplinary collaborations and international partnerships are expanding the horizons of research, leading to breakthroughs and global impact.

By embracing these trends, Nigerian universities can contribute to the growth and development of entrepreneurship in the country and beyond.

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A Guide to Top Entrepreneurship Research in Nigerian Unis

Resources for Entrepreneurship Researchers in Nigerian Universities

As entrepreneurship research continues to gain importance in Nigerian universities, it is crucial for researchers to have access to various resources that can facilitate their work.

This chapter explores the different resources available for entrepreneurship researchers in Nigerian universities.

Research Funding Opportunities

One of the significant challenges faced by entrepreneurship researchers is securing funding for their research projects.

Fortunately, there are several funding opportunities in Nigeria that researchers can explore. These include:

  1. Government Grants: The Nigerian government provides grants to support research projects in various fields, including entrepreneurship.

    Researchers can apply for these grants to secure funding for their research initiatives.

  2. University Grants: Many Nigerian universities offer grants specifically designed to support their faculty members’ research endeavors.

    These grants often have a focus on entrepreneurship research and can provide financial support for data collection, analysis, and dissemination.

  3. Private Foundations: Several private foundations in Nigeria are dedicated to supporting academic research, including entrepreneurship studies.

    Researchers can explore these foundations for funding opportunities tailored to their specific research objectives.

  4. International Grants: Nigerian researchers can also explore international funding opportunities offered by organizations like the United Nations, World Bank, and other global funding agencies.

    These grants can provide substantial financial support for entrepreneurship research projects.

Access to Databases and Academic Journals

Access to relevant databases and academic journals is vital for entrepreneurship researchers in Nigerian universities to stay updated with the latest research findings and contribute to the existing body of knowledge.

The following resources can assist researchers in accessing valuable information:

Nigerian Research Databases

There are several online databases like the Nigerian Journal Database and ResearchGate Nigeria that provide access to research papers, articles, and dissertations related to entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

Researchers can use these databases to discover relevant literature for their studies.

International Research Databases

Nigerian researchers should also explore global research databases like JSTOR, EBSCOhost, and ProQuest, which provide access to a vast collection of academic journals and publications on entrepreneurship.

These databases offer a broader perspective beyond the Nigerian context.

Academic Conferences and Workshops

Attending academic conferences and workshops is crucial for entrepreneurship researchers.

These events provide opportunities for networking, exchanging ideas, and showcasing research findings.

Nigerian universities offer several conferences and workshops focused on entrepreneurship research, such as:

  1. The Nigerian Entrepreneurship Conference: This annual conference brings together researchers, policymakers, and entrepreneurs to discuss and share insights on entrepreneurship in Nigeria.

    It serves as a platform for presenting research findings and receiving valuable feedback.

  2. Workshops on Research Methodology: Nigerian universities often organize workshops on research methodology, including those specifically tailored to entrepreneurship research.

    These workshops equip researchers with essential skills and methodologies to enhance the quality of their studies.

  3. International Conferences: Researchers should also explore international conferences related to entrepreneurship.

    Attending such conferences allows Nigerian researchers to engage with the global research community, gain exposure, and foster collaborations.

In short, entrepreneurship researchers in Nigerian universities have access to various resources that can support their research endeavors.

From funding opportunities to databases, academic journals, and conferences, these resources enable researchers to contribute significantly to the field of entrepreneurship in Nigeria and beyond.

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Recommendations for aspiring entrepreneurship researchers in Nigerian universities

Achieving success in entrepreneurship research requires specific skills and knowledge, as well as networking opportunities and staying updated with the latest research and trends.

Key skills and knowledge required for success in entrepreneurship research

  1. Strong analytical and critical thinking abilities are essential for conducting in-depth research.

  2. Excellent communication skills enable researchers to effectively present their findings and collaborate with others.

  3. Proficiency in data analysis and statistical tools allows researchers to interpret and draw insights from their data.

  4. Sound understanding of business and economic theories provides a solid foundation for entrepreneurship research.

  5. Creativity and innovation are crucial for generating new ideas and identifying emerging trends in the field.

Networking opportunities and mentorship

Networking with fellow researchers, industry professionals, and experienced mentors can greatly enhance an aspiring entrepreneurship researcher’s career:

  1. Attending conferences, workshops, and seminars allows researchers to meet and collaborate with experts in the field.

  2. Joining professional associations and research groups provides access to a network of like-minded individuals who can offer guidance and support.

  3. Seeking mentorship from established researchers can provide valuable insights, advice, and opportunities for growth.

Importance of staying updated with the latest research and trends

Keeping abreast of the latest research and trends in entrepreneurship is crucial for producing relevant and impactful research:

  1. Regularly reading academic journals, attending research presentations, and following credible online sources help researchers stay updated.

  2. Identifying gaps in existing research allows researchers to contribute new knowledge and address unanswered questions.

  3. Understanding current trends and industry practices enables researchers to provide valuable insights and recommendations.

In general, aspiring entrepreneurship researchers in Nigerian universities should focus on developing key skills and knowledge, actively seek networking opportunities and mentorship, and stay updated with the latest research and trends.

By doing so, they can contribute to the advancement of entrepreneurial knowledge and make a meaningful impact in the field.


Nigerian universities have made significant contributions to entrepreneurship research.

Support from government and stakeholders, collaboration and funding opportunities.

Entrepreneurship research plays a crucial role in driving innovation, job creation, and sustainable economic development.

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