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Best Books & Resources for Secretarial Students

Last Updated on December 5, 2023


In the dynamic realm of secretarial studies, the right resources are the keys to unlocking success.

Quality books and materials play a pivotal role, serving as indispensable companions for budding secretarial students.

Understanding their significance is the first step towards a thriving career.

Quality resources act as guiding beacons, illuminating the intricate paths of secretarial practices.

They offer profound insights into the ever-evolving world of office management, communication, and organizational skills.

Without these resources, students risk navigating the complex terrain of secretarial duties in the dark.

Picture this: a secretarial student armed with a comprehensive guide, absorbing knowledge like a sponge.

Quality materials not only provide information but also cultivate critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

They transform novices into adept professionals, ready to tackle any challenge the corporate world throws their way.

Now, imagine the opposite scenario – a student fumbling through outdated or incomplete resources.

The consequences are stark: missed opportunities, misunderstood concepts, and a shaky foundation for a future career.

Investing in the right materials is an investment in one’s own success.

In this blog post, we delve into the crux of this matter, exploring the best books and resources tailored for secretarial students.

We’ll uncover gems that transcend the ordinary, offering practical wisdom and real-world applications. As we journey through the pages, keep in mind the transformative power these resources hold.

Our mission is clear – equip secretarial students with the arsenal they need to not just survive but thrive in the professional landscape.

Get ready to embark on a learning adventure that will shape your secretarial journey for years to come.

Must-Have Books for Secretarial Students

A successful secretarial career requires a strong foundation in various skills such as communication, time management, and office procedures.

To excel in these areas, secretarial students must have access to the best resources available. Here are four must-have books that every secretarial student should consider adding to their collection:

Book 1: “Administrative Assistant’s and Secretary’s Handbook” by James Stroman, Kevin Wilson, and Jennifer Wauson

This comprehensive guide covers a wide range of topics, including communication skills, time management, office technology, and organizational strategies.

It provides a thorough understanding of the essential skills needed to succeed as a secretary or administrative assistant.

Book 2: “Business Communication: Building Critical Skills” by Kitty O. Locker and Stephen Kyo Kaczmarek

Effective communication is crucial for secretarial roles. This book provides practical insights and exercises to improve written and oral communication skills.

It covers various communication scenarios, such as email correspondence, business letters, and professional presentations.

Book 3: “Office Procedures for the Caribbean” by Jane Maddocks

This book is tailored for secretarial students in the Caribbean. It covers specific office procedures, document preparation, and communication skills with a focus on Caribbean contexts.

It provides valuable knowledge and understanding of the regional practices and expectations.

These books play a vital role in building a strong foundation for secretarial skills. Here’s why they are essential:

  1. Comprehensive Coverage: The “Administrative Assistant’s and Secretary’s Handbook” covers a wide range of topics, ensuring that secretarial students have a comprehensive understanding of various aspects of their role.

  2. Improving Communication Skills: “Business Communication: Building Critical Skills” provides practical insights and exercises to enhance written and oral communication skills. Effective communication is crucial for secretaries to efficiently interact with colleagues, superiors, and clients.

  3. Context-Specific Knowledge: The “Office Procedures for the Caribbean” book tailors the content to the specific needs and requirements of secretarial students in the Caribbean. It addresses the unique challenges and practices of the region, making it highly relevant for Caribbean students.

  4. Practical Application: All three books offer practical exercises, case studies, and examples that allow secretarial students to apply the concepts and skills they learn. This practical approach ensures that students can develop their abilities and immediately put them into action in a real-world setting.

  5. Reference Material: These books serve as reliable reference materials that secretarial students can refer to throughout their careers. They provide quick access to information and guidance whenever needed, making them invaluable resources for ongoing professional development.

By investing in these books, secretarial students can build a solid foundation of knowledge and skills.

These resources provide the necessary guidance and insights to succeed in the ever-evolving field of secretarial work.

Continuous learning and improvement are essential to excel in this role, and these books are indispensable companions on that journey

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Online Resources for Secretarial Students

  1. Website 1: Microsoft Office Training Center, Ideal for learning and mastering Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook.

  2. Website 2: OfficeNinjas, A community and resource hub for administrative professionals, providing articles, tools, and tips for career development.

Advantages of Utilizing Online Resources for Supplementary Learning

  1. Convenience: Online resources allow secretarial students to learn at their own pace and schedule.

  2. Accessible Anywhere: Students can access online resources from any location with internet connectivity.

  3. Wide Range of Topics: Online resources cover various subjects related to secretarial skills and career development.

  4. Interactive Learning: Many online resources offer interactive features like quizzes and simulations for engaging learning experiences.

  5. Cost-effective: Online resources are often more affordable compared to traditional course materials or workshops.

  6. Updated Information: Online resources are frequently updated to provide the latest information and industry trends.

  7. Networking Opportunities: Platforms like OfficeNinjas offer opportunities to connect with other administrative professionals for networking and support.

  8. Flexible Learning Options: Online resources provide different formats like videos, tutorials, and webinars for diverse learning preferences.

  9. Self-Paced Learning: Secretarial students can choose to study specific topics or skills based on their individual needs.

  10. Continual Learning: Online resources allow students to continue learning even after completing formal secretarial education.

  11. Instant Feedback: Online resources often provide immediate feedback, allowing students to assess their understanding and progress.

  12. Enhanced Technical Skills: Using online resources improves proficiency in using digital tools and software essential for secretarial roles.

  13. Increased Employability: Access to online resources enhances skills and knowledge, making secretarial students more competitive in the job market.

In short, online resources like the Microsoft Office Training Center and OfficeNinjas offer secretarial students numerous advantages in their learning journey.

From convenience and flexibility to updated information and networking opportunities, online resources contribute to the comprehensive development of secretarial skills and career advancement.

Embracing these resources empowers secretarial students to excel in their profession and adapt to the evolving demands of the modern workplace.

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Best Books & Resources for Secretarial Students

Industry-Specific Books for Secretarial Students

This book covers the unique aspects of legal secretarial work, including legal terminology, document preparation, and understanding the legal system.

This practical guide provides a step-by-step approach to essential administrative office procedures.

Industry-specific books play a crucial role in the education and development of secretarial students. These books offer valuable insights, knowledge, and specialization in their respective fields.

Book 1: Legal Secretary’s Complete Handbook by Mary Devries

One of the recommended industry-specific books for secretarial students is the “Legal Secretary’s Complete Handbook” by Mary Devries.

This book delves into the specific aspects of legal secretarial work, such as legal terminology, document preparation, and understanding the legal system.

By studying this book, students can gain a thorough understanding of legal processes and enhance their skills in the legal field.

Book 2: Virtual Assistant Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Starting, Running and Growing Your VA Business By Gwen Moran

Another highly recommended book is the “Virtual Assistant Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Starting, Running and Growing Your VA Business” by Gwen Moran.

This comprehensive guide provides a step-by-step approach to establishing, managing, and expanding a virtual assistant business.

It covers topics such as setting up a home office, finding clients, marketing strategies, and time management.

By studying this book, secretarial students can learn the intricacies of virtual assistant work and acquire the necessary skills to thrive in this rapidly growing industry.

Book 3: Administrative Office Procedures By C. J. Smith and M. J. Stull

The “Administrative Office Procedures” book, written by C. J. Smith and M. J. Stull, is also an invaluable resource for secretarial students.

This practical guide offers a step-by-step approach to essential administrative office procedures. It covers a wide range of topics, including effective communication, time management, records management, and problem-solving.

By studying this book, secretarial students can develop a solid foundation in office administration and enhance their organizational and managerial skills.

Industry-specific books provide secretarial students with specialized knowledge that broadens their understanding and expertise in specific fields.

These books go beyond general secretarial skills and focus on the unique aspects and terminology of different industries.

By studying industry-specific books, students can gain a competitive edge in the job market and increase their employment opportunities.

Employers are often impressed by candidates who possess industry-specific knowledge, as it demonstrates their commitment to continuous learning and professional development.

In fact, industry-specific books are invaluable resources for secretarial students.

The “Legal Secretary’s Complete Handbook,” the “Virtual Assistant Handbook,” and the “Administrative Office Procedures” book offer comprehensive knowledge and insights into the legal, virtual assistant, and general administrative fields, respectively.

By studying these books, secretarial students can enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and specialize in particular industry sectors, ultimately increasing their chances of success in their careers.

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Essential Skills Development Books for Secretarial Students

Book 1: “Crucial Conversations: Tools for Talking When Stakes Are High” by Kerry Patterson, Joseph Grenny, Ron McMillan, and Al Switzler

This book provides insights into handling crucial conversations effectively, an essential skill for communication in a professional setting.

Book 2: “Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity” by David Allen

David Allen’s GTD methodology is widely acclaimed for helping individuals manage tasks and priorities efficiently, making it a valuable resource for time management.

Book 3: “Send: Why People Email So Badly and How to Do It Better” by David Shipley and Will Schwalbe

This book focuses on improving email communication and etiquette, helping professionals convey their messages more effectively.

How these books aid in personal and professional growth

  1. Enhanced communication skills enable secretarial students to navigate challenging conversations with confidence, resulting in stronger professional relationships.

  2. By implementing the strategies outlined in “Getting Things Done,” students can optimize their productivity, effectively managing their workload and meeting deadlines.

  3. “Send” provides practical tips for composing professional emails, ensuring effective communication and avoiding common pitfalls.

  4. The knowledge gained from reading these books equips secretarial students with invaluable skills to excel in both personal and professional realms.

  5. Effective communication and time management contribute to increased efficiency, reduced stress, and overall professional success.

  6. Developing proficiency in handling crucial conversations fosters a harmonious work environment and promotes a positive corporate culture.

  7. Improved email communication enhances professionalism, strengthens business relationships, and reduces misunderstanding and confusion.

  8. Mastering time management skills allows secretarial students to prioritize tasks, meet deadlines, and maintain a healthy work-life balance.

  9. These books offer practical guidance that students can immediately apply in their daily lives, facilitating their personal and professional growth.

  10. By honing these essential skills, secretarial students position themselves as valuable assets to their organizations, enhancing their career prospects.

  11. The knowledge gained from these books empowers students to become effective communicators and efficient professionals while fostering their personal development.

  12. Investing time in reading these books cultivates a lifelong commitment to continued growth and improvement.

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Additional Resources for Secretarial Students

Journals or publications relevant to the secretarial field

  1. “Secretarial Success” – This journal provides insights and tips from experienced secretaries, helping students stay updated on industry trends.

  2. “Administrative Excellence Magazine” – This publication offers articles on professional development and cutting-edge technologies in the secretarial field.

  3. “Executive Assistant Digest” – This digest covers a wide range of topics, including time management, communication skills, and office etiquette.

Podcasts or audio resources for on-the-go learning

  1. “The Efficient Secretary” – This podcast shares practical advice and time-saving techniques for secretaries to enhance their productivity.

  2. “Office Ninja” – This series focuses on office management strategies, including organization, problem-solving, and effective communication.

  3. “Career Kickstart” – This podcast provides career tips for secretarial professionals, including resume building, interview skills, and professional networking.

Online courses or certifications to enhance skills and qualifications

  1. Coursera – Offers various secretarial courses, such as “Professional Email Writing” and “Office Productivity Hacks.”

  2. Udemy – Provides flexible online courses like “Mastering Microsoft Office Suite” and “Effective Business Communication for Secretaries.”

  3. International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) – Offers certifications like the Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) designation, enhancing credibility and career prospects.

Recommendations and benefits of each resource

  1. Journals or publications: These resources offer up-to-date information, industry insights, and valuable tips for secretarial students to stay ahead.

  2. Podcasts or audio resources: Ideal for on-the-go learning, they provide practical advice, office management strategies, and career tips.

  3. Online courses or certifications: These resources allow students to develop new skills, improve qualifications, and stay competitive in the job market.

By utilizing these additional resources, secretarial students can enhance their knowledge, skills, and qualifications, paving the way for a successful career in the field.


In wrapping up our exploration of the best books and resources for secretarial students, let’s revisit why investing in quality materials is paramount.

Top-notch resources serve as the bedrock for a comprehensive understanding of secretarial skills, ensuring a solid foundation.

Throughout this journey, we’ve highlighted pivotal texts that cover everything from administrative tasks to effective communication strategies.

The significance of these resources cannot be overstated—they are the keys that unlock the potential for success in the world of secretarial work.

Now, dear readers, it’s your turn to take the reins of your learning adventure. Dive into the suggested materials, absorb the insights, and apply them to real-world scenarios.

The power of knowledge lies not just in possession but in its practical application. Challenge yourself to implement newfound skills in your daily tasks, transforming information into valuable expertise.

As you embark on this educational odyssey, remember that learning is a dynamic process. It’s not just about completing a syllabus; it’s about continuously evolving and adapting to the ever-changing demands of the secretarial landscape.

The recommended books and resources are your companions on this journey—they provide guidance, but your commitment and enthusiasm are the driving forces.

I invite you to take action. Embrace the opportunity to excel in your secretarial role by immersing yourself in these carefully curated materials.

Share your insights, challenges, and successes with fellow learners. Learning is a collaborative effort, and your experiences may inspire and guide others on their paths.

So, seize the moment. Grab a book, explore a resource, and let the knowledge flow. Your journey as a secretarial student is not solitary; it’s a shared endeavor towards excellence.

Together, let’s write a story of growth, proficiency, and success in the world of secretarial skills.

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